Elevate Your Alcohol Beverage Business with Expert Wine Consultancy

  • Wine Endorsement and Marketing Services for Wine Brands in India
  • With our deep understanding of why some beverage brands succeed and others fail, we are uniquely positioned to drive wine and beverage brands into new markets.
  • We are passionate about wine and beverage brands and understand what makes them successful – their history, the passion & skill of the people who make them.
  • The raw ingredients, techniques, and methods that go into making these iconic drinks are often forgotten.


Our wine bar events and tasting experiences are truly unique and memorable.

The concept for your wine event can be created from scratch or incorporated into an existing or planned event.

The wines, beers, cocktails, mixed drinks, or straight-up beverages we offer will delight your guests.

Our unmatched network will ensure that all aspects of the wine event planning will ‘wow’ your guests with elegance and a style of service that seems to have disappeared today.

Creating the perfect positioning with the right audience is what we do for wine brands.

Abhay Kewadkar & Associates provides comprehensive wine consulting services to the alcoholic beverage industry in India. Through our services, we aim to enhance the research-to-execution effectiveness of wine businesses.


We deliver services and solutions that combine unmatched industry knowledge and experience with the latest business practices to confront and overcome challenges in the wine industry. By combining traditional wine industry practices with contemporary approaches, we are able to keep up with the constant evolution of the beverage and wine industry in India.